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If you're reading this you're most likely in the market for a webmaster/designer/developer to help your business reach its maximum potential. My name is Chris Raymond and I've been involved in online technologies for over a decade. After starting out writing HTML from scratch and building websites by hand in the late 90's I became fascinated with design, layout and user interface. It was an interest that led me to a number of rewarding projects, a few fulfilling business ventures, and a lot of wonderful relationships. I've worked in start-up and non-profit environments, and have learned a great deal along the way. Take a look at my online portfolio below to get an idea of my skills and experience.

Professional Experience

Freelance Contractor
Web Design/Development Services
March 2004 - Present

Though I really don't market myself as a web design contractor I do occasionally design and build websites for various clients. I enjoy building small business websites and enthusiast portal sites for the most part, but I've dabbled in all types of website development. Here are some of the technical skills I use on a regular basis: Here are some services I regularly provide for small businesses:

DDRC - Lakewood, CO.
October 2008 - Present

Currently employed by DDRC (Developmental Disabilities Resource Center), managing all web-oriented company initiatives.

Web Operations & Design Consultant
Colorado Oil & Gas Association - Denver, CO.
March 2008 - August 2008

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association was in need of some graphic design and web development/design solutions for their annual conference website, Epicenter2008.org, and their corporate website, COGA.org. I was able to step in and immediately make an impact, spicing up the site and making it far more user friendly and effective for conference attendees. I helped out in various areas in the organization and accomplished the following:

SPEEDtuners Network, LLC - Lone Tree, CO.
March 2004 - Present

This was a hobby that quickly turned into a successful business venture. The idea was to launch an enthuiast website around a niche automotive market where enthusiasts could share information about their cars and be connected to retailers in their market. It was immediately evident that online advertising was going to be a huge revenue stream for this business. The initial site was very successful and other sites were created soon after. Here is a list of a few accomplishments:

Site General Manager/Web Producer
ConsumerReview.com - Sunnyvale, CA.
June 1999 - March 2004

My first major work as a web designer and developer came at ConsumerReview.com where I was brought on as a "Web Producer" to help write code and feature sets for their network of community sites. The position involved a lot of site maintenance and code updates on legacy websites in their network. Within a year I was creating code and layouts for their new sites and jumped into the role of "General Manager" of their CarReview.com site. I planned, designed, built, and turned the site into the fastest growing property in their network. Not long after the success of that site I was given the responsibility of managing the second highest revenue generating site in their network. I was able to increase growth and help the company increase revenue and create key relationships. Here is a list of some key responsibilities and accomplishments:

Technical Skills

Highly skilled in many tools, techniques and languages relevant to website design and development, including but not limited to:


Masters Institute - San Jose, CA.
Certificate in Graphic Arts

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